Releasing Music & Music Videos
Where will my music be distributed?The short answer is, everywhere. Now for the TLDR version: With Trac, you can release music on all the most popular DSPs such as Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Tidal, YouTube, Amazon Music, Google Play, Pandora, Sirius XM, Tencent, and iHeart Radio. But, was also distribute to all of the following stores: Napster, Beatport, Boomplay, High Res Audio,, Joox, Slacker, Shazam, Deezer, JioSaavn, TIM Italia, Nuuday (TDC Play/YouSee Musik), Imusica S.A, Target Media, Audible Magic, Traxsource, Stellar Entertainment, Line Music, Neurotic Media, Xiami, LICKD, 7Digital, Simfy Africa, Jaxsta, Bleep LTD, Naver/Vibe, Youtube Music, Facebook Audio Library, Anghami, Track Drip, Brasbeat, PrimePhonic, Groovefox, BMAT, BUGS!, XITE, MeLON / KakaoMusic, Dub Store Sound, Kuack Media, Facebook Fingerprinting, Netease Cloud Music, AWA, United media Agency, BeatSource, Nightlife Music Australia, Yandex. KKBox, Gracenote, Hungama, TouchTunes/Playnetwork, Juno Download, Qobuz, Mixcloud, and Soundcloud.
Can my music be released internationally?Yes! You can choose to either release music worldwide, or you can select a specific global region: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe or Oceania.
Can I release a music video using Trac? Yes, and it’s just like releasing music. You simply upload either a .mov or .avi file format, select your video preview image...and voilà!
Where will my music video be available? With Trac, you can release music video on all the most popular DSPs that feature music videos: such as Amazon, Apple Music, Audible Magic, Fizy, Hungama, Naver Music/Vibe, Nightlife Music, Tidal, Trackdrip, United Media Agency, Xite, Youtube, Youtube Music/Premium.
Do I need to take down my music on other distributors and switch to Trac?Yes you do, otherwise there will be delays in your music being distributed through us. If you include the UPC/EAN Code when uploading music into Trac, you’ll retain all of your streaming data for previously released music. It’s that easy.
When will my music go live on the DSPs?Our free beginner plan gets your content up onto all of the DSPs in around four weeks. Our Growth plan does it in about two weeks, and our Pro plan does it in minimum of 48 hours. The more time you give for your release date the better.
What kind of analytics does Trac provide?Trac was built from the ground up, designed to give you, the independent artist, all of the same information that major record labels pay attention to. You get all of the following streaming analytics: number of streams, number of listeners, total listen time, stream origin (organic vs playlist), top locations and breakdown of listener demographics: female vs male, age range, the year when most of your fans were born. You get all of the following microsite analytics: fan contacts, users, sessions, bounce rate, session length, visits across platforms, social media and pages, top locations and breakdown of listener demographics: female vs male, age range, the year when most of your fans were born.
Money Stuff
How much does it cost to distribute music with Trac?Nothing. Zilch. Nada. It costs you absolutely nothing to distribute music with Trac. It’s 100% free. No gimmicks. There is no catch. There are some paid options for those who need it and depending on where you are on your artist journey. Every one of our plans includes unlimited music distribution, which means you can release as much music as you want to on Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Tidal, Youtube, Amazon Music and many other stores. And, most importantly, you keep 100% of your earnings.
If music distribution is free, then how does Trac make money?At Trac, our mission is to empower you, the independent artist, with all of the tools needed to launch and grow your career. We believe that you should sign yourself and be your own music record label. To make this happen, our team wakes up every day to find new ways to bring more value to you. This year, we figured out how to use technology to cut down on distribution costs incurred and make music distribution free for you. We’re able to pay our bills via the money we receive from all of our Growth and Pro plan members, as well as the other cool features that we charge for: Publishing Administration, Integrated Merch Pages, Touring Pages, Sync Licensing and Neighbouring Rights.
How much does it cost to release a music video using Trac? Video distribution requires that you're on one of our paid plans. Video distribution can be a manual process with some platforms, hence why we do this.
When will I get paid?Our free beginner plan gets you paid quarterly. While our Growth plan gets you paid monthly, and our Pro plan gets you paid weekly.
Special Features
What is a TracLink?TracLinks are a great way to route your fans to check out any song or album by you on their favorite streaming platform. It makes it easier for fans to hear all of your great content. Everyone that signs up for Trac receives a TracLink, so you don’t have to do anything in order to get one.
What are TracPages? TracPages are a great way to brand yourself as an artist. Think of them as a low maintenance website that is automatically built for independent artists. Whether you’re up and coming or already have an established fan base, every artist needs a professional one-stop-shop, outside of social media, where they can house their music catalog, music videos, merch, tour info and share methods for how to connect directly with their fans. TracPages are free to everyone that signs up for Trac, so you don’t have to do anything in order to get them. I know right?! A Lot of artists are paying money every month and spending way more time than they need to, to do this.